The Last High Five of Summer Break

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Oh man. That title says it all. Summer is essentially over. But as I do every year, I'm excited about returning to school, meeting my new students, and all the fun that comes with teaching 6th grade.

I'm linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk to celebrate this last Friday of freedom. Here's what rocks about this week:

1. I've got Olympic fever baby! Even though I've clicked on every spoiler alert, I've watched every night, yelling at the tv, and singing the national anthem. 'Merica!

2. It's my birthday month....oh the shopping I'm going to do once I start getting paid again. My inbox is full of free stuff and coupons...this is quite possibly the most wonderful time of the year.

3. Weekend fun...we have a Cardinal's game Friday night and a wedding on Saturday that I'm sure will be totally out of control. Ready to let loose and have some fun before heading back to school.

4. This website about St. Louis has cracked me up all week - What High School Should We Call Me
St. Louis has an insane amount of both public and private high schools so a popular question when you meet a new person is, "What high school did you go to?" This website pokes a little fun at that fact and other silly things about the Lou. It's good for a laugh.

5. Re-read 50 Shades of Gray out of boredom...went a lot faster since I skipped over about every other page this time, ha!

Have a great weekend! Laters, baby!


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  1. So they hold paychecks during the summer???? I. Would. Not. Survive. I bet you really have to budget!?!?!

  2. We get five paychecks in May to last us until August 10th. Budgeting is key but these last few days when I want to go cray cray on school supplies is difficult. I need a paycheck like Missouri needs the rain!