27th Birthday Luau

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A luau wouldn't exactly be my choice of birthday party but my cousin found a recipe for a giant fishbowl drink on Pinterest and we needed an occasion to make it so my birthday it was!

It was complete with leis, fruity drinks, grass skirts, Hawaiian print shirts, and flowers in our hair. My mom almost went overboard with a pig roast but I wanted fried chicken for my birthday so that was least "luau" like party of our party. 

My sister and I.

Break out the crazy straws!

This is my cousin's daughter, Callie and she is the most adorable thing. Her momma loves a good theme party so Callie was dressed to match.

We tried to take pictures of us all (11!) getting a sip at the same time. It was a big drink but unfortunately it wasn't that big of a drink.

It was also my aunt's birthday too, so we worked together to blow out them candles!

I was so excited to get this necklace after longing for it for about 6 months, just had to try it on right then and there.

I also got a new bed set. It's real pretty!
How I would love to post a picture of what it looks like on our bed, but when I got it out of its packaging there was a stain on the pillow sham so I am in the process of exchanging it. It was a big bummer!

We finished out the evening with a game of wiffle ball in the yard and finishing off that gigantic drink. It was a great way to start off my 27th year on Earth!


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  1. Wow How can you drink a huge tank?