Friday, August 31, 2012

Holy moly. This week was insane...more like just today. I guess in order to have a three day weekend there has to be some kind of sacrifice...and today it was my sanity.

But High Five for Friday is all about celebrating the good during the week so here goes....

1. Dinner with my college roommate and best friend on Thursday. We hadn't seen each other in a month and we were way overdue to hang. It was great to unwind after work.

2. I stayed up past 10pm on two school nights this week. But both occasions required naps in order to make it that far, sigh.

3. Season finales of True Blood and Newsroom rocked. Although, I was reading on Buzzfeed that both shows are "Love to Hate" type shows and I was all like, "Whhhaaaaaat?!" It's tv people, it doesn't have to be like real-life because it's freakin' make-believe! Let's escape for a little while and try not to over analyze the impending war between the vampires, werewolves, humans, and fairies. Geez.

4. The new Terry Crews Old Spice commercial.

5. Three. Day. Weekend. I hope to relax and recharge after these first three weeks of school. This year is going to be a doozy.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. yeah for getting to see your friend! I am so happy for the three day weekend too! back to school is tough!