Oh How Pinteresting...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Does it ever seem like some weeks you just can't get enough of Pinterest? The pins I've been coming across have been a steady steam of awesome since spring break. I thought I would share a few today and link up with The Vintage Apple.

Can we talk about the amazing transformation this garage sale find went through? I'm beginning to think that spray paint might be magical. You should definitely check out Little House in the Big D for more details. 
{Via: Little House in the Big D}

My friend Jody and I are currently on a buffalo chicken kick and this samich looks delicious.

{Via: Closet Cooking}
When I first saw this I thought "Where in the world do you purchase those pretty blue gumballs?" and much to my amazement, they were just spray painted! See I'm telling you...magical.

{Via: Fit, Crafty, Stylish, and Happy}
 And I'm currently digging these blue and purple Nikes - the would the perfect summer tenny. Just waiting for a sale to pull the trigger.

{Via: Zappos}
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