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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Often times as I cruise around Pinterest and my favorite blogs I am constantly saying to myself, "Why couldn't I have thought of that?" It just seems like some people are inherently creative and can think of 1001 ways to use a mason jar at the drop of a hat. And while I fancy myself a crafty person, I am one that has to see what somebody else did and then do it.

So as a challenge to myself, I have been actively trying to look for ways to be more handy with the things around my house instead of running out and buying something when I think I need it.

For example, I was tired of this daily scenario in my bathroom

The hairbrushes. Yes, I use all four to tame the mop on my head. And usually they lay (lie?) on the bathroom vanity which is way too small. So I have been throwing them into a small container in my bathroom closet.

But then I have to either take them out or dig around to get to things I need in that container and there is hair everywhere.

So what to do?

Enter my empty and delightfully patterned Kleenex box.

It about a minute I cut the top off and I was in business. A perfect size box to corral my brushes.

Now I realize this isn't rocket science but I'm pretty darn proud of myself! And with this it just shows that you can train your brain to think of how to reuse materials to meet your needs.

How about you? Are you one of those lucky ducks who can look at something and see a new use? Or are you like me, a sometimes copycat learning to train their creative eye? Tell me about it!

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