Looking Forward

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Every Sunday I think to myself, "Another new week? Already? The time is just flying by" But by about Wednesday, I am thinking, "Can't this week go any faster?"

Only three more weeks of school left...I can almost hear the Hallelujah chorus playing. There is a lot that needs to be done in the next three weeks and it doesn't seem like school should be ending already. I need to find out what team I am going to be on next year, what room I am going to be in, take everything off the walls, pack all my crap, move said crap, and then prepare for summer school. I am actually really pumped for summer school because I am teaching the incoming 6th graders all about middle school, kind of like a head start on 6th grade so they aren't so worried when August comes. I had no idea the amount of anxiety kids had about school...like I remember being nervous the first day, having a bit of a rumbly tummy but that was about it. Nowadays kids just don't go to school because they are nervous. So hopefully kids who attend this summer will figure out there is nothing to be scared of...with the exception of the cafeteria food (blegh!)

Thinking about summer gets me all excited for plans...I love making plans. And this summer I get to make HOUSE plans..everyday it seems like I come up with something else I want to do or try. Hopefully something I will complete is painting our front door, shutters, and maybe a new awning for the front of the house.

 The exterior looks ok but I am bugged by the too small awning, it really serves no purpose because it covers about 2.5 inches of space and it is down right raggedy.
 The house definitely needs a good power-washing. There are caked on bugs and dirt that gross me out every time I go in the front door. I did change one thing already...the mailbox. The previous one was red, small, and had holes in it. So during the monsoon like April we had, we had to blow dry our mail before opening. We picked up the new black one at Lowe's thanks to a gift card...even installed myself, two points for me!
 Definitely need to clean the weeds out of this areas by the front door...last time I checked there shouldn't be plants growing out of the concrete. Also all the concrete blocks need to be straightened. There are some also some at the front our property that need to be re-stacked as well. The previous owners didn't use anything to hold the blocks together so they shift pretty easily.
Another easy update will be changing out the address numbers and wood plaque. It is peeling and splintered and just overall g-ross. And it will be relatively inexpensive to replace, I priced some satin nickel numbers for about $2.50 a pop, so for around 20 bucks (including a new wood piece) I can make my address look nice and not scary.

I plan to paint the front door, shutters, and stair banister navy blue, which I think will look classic with the yellow siding. I may pull the awning down all together for awhile until I can get an updated navy blue one to match...I think it is definitely something that adds to the charm of our house (many South City houses have awnings) so I don't want to get rid of it completely.

My goodness my summer looks busy already!

The inside of the house is coming together little by little. This week, we finally got our missing dining room chair from Ashley furniture, yay! So I was able to pull the table out from the window and it to its permanent place in the middle of the dining room.

Our oven has been on the fritz and after dealing with two companies (note: never use A & E Appliance Repair, awful customer service) we figured out that we need a new thermostat...yay for home warranty! So hopefully the oven will be fixed this week and we will be able to cook something. I have lived off spaghetti, cereal, and sandwiches for the past three weeks and I am sick of it. Ready for some home cooked goodness to come out of that kitchen.

This upcoming week looks to be pretty low key, just getting ready for my girlfriend Elyse's bachelorette party, gotta find a gift and an outfit to wear. Also, I am attempting a spray tan on Friday so we will see how that goes.

My mom and sister.
Also on this Mother's Day I just want to say congratulations to be my friends Ashley and Derek who just found out they are pregnant with their first child! It is so awesome to hear and can't wait to meet the new addition to the Ling clan in December. And of course, Happy Mother's Day to my awesome momma, I don't know what I would do without her guidance, humor, and support. Love, love, love her!

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