Oh the Excitement!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The last two weeks have been odd...really busy but strangely have had huge amounts of downtime.

At work I am preparing for our last week of the 2010-2011 school year! Hot dawg it feels good to think about how it is finally here! I stayed after school on Friday prepping my room for the end and for summer school to begin...the walls are bare, the bookshelves have been purged, the clutter has been decluttered. This week is an effort in crowd control which should go well up until Thursday which is awards and field day...prayers for the weather to cooperate because 240 6th graders in the gym will cause insanity.

I have already started thinking about my classroom for next year (ha, next year, more like in three months) Pinterest has given me some really great inspiration for decor and possibly gifts. Like this crayon wreath should be cheap and easy using Dollar Store crayons, styrofoam wreath, and ribbon...I bet it will cost under $4 to make.

Of course I have started thinking about the actual teaching as well, it's kind of hard not to. I am taking two classes towards my Master's this summer so I will be at the halfway mark when we return...holla! And I currently have at least 5 days of professional development scheduled and possibly will be teaching classes as well. So while it is called summer "break" it really is far from it.

On a less professional note, this week is my best friend's wedding! Elyse and Bill will be married on Saturday in what I am sure will be one awesome day. Hopefully Bill can keep his tongue in mouth...haha!

AND...my littlest sister is graduating from high school. Ohmygoodness, I officially feel old. I remember when she was born, I remember holding her as a baby, her calling me "bissy" and watching Rugrats and Lion King on repeat. I can't believe it.

This week will be crazy for sure but definitely a happy one!

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