Monday, March 07, 2011

Sorry, I just had to make a Charlie Sheen reference tonight...that man in 7 different shades of crazy and I find it highly amusing. Anyone else following his Twitter? Pure gold.

Tonight was a night of elation in the soon to be merged Burkemper/Chaney household...we made our first purchase for the casa, a brand spankin' new Vizio 55" television! Nothing too crazy, minor bells and whistles, but really, really, BIG. This baby is going to look great in our basement built in cabinets. I mean you buy a house with a over a 60" space built in to the wall, you can't fill it will a puny 37". That would just look silly.

And the best freakin' part...the insane deal we got on it. I have to thank the boy toy for his covert, clearance stalking ways at Tar-Jay. While he was at work tonight he heard about a tv that had just been returned that came from online. A little secret about Tar-Jay is that whenever something is purchased online that they don't carry in store, they dramatically reduce the price when they put it back out on the sales floor. So the normally $1100 tv was marked down to $769! Holy savings Batman! And then...yes, there is an and then....and then because Chris gets his employee discount there was another $76 worth of savings, making this beauty only $693 before taxes, all in all a savings of almost 40%! BOOYAH! It was completely worth the 40 minute drive from the Chuck in my mom's minivan.

 So yes, the first actual purchase for the casa is one we can not sit in, eat off of, or sleep in...but damn, I love a good deal!

Closing is only two weeks away and I am getting antsy in my pantsy. This weekend I am definitely heading out and doing some reconnaissance...paint colors are my target, hopefully I can find some options so I can hit the ground running once we get the keys.

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