What If....?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have to admit, I am the best at playing the "What If...?" game, especially when monumentally huge decisions lie on the horizon. I have hypothesized about every negative outcome possible regarding the new house.

"What if the appraisal comes back low?"
"What if the seller won't make repairs?"
"What if the seller's decide to take the house off the market?"

I think I am to the point where I have driven myself everyone crazy within a three mile radius with decent hearing. Heaven forbid I actually think positive and get what I want...that's crazy talk!

This week, I applied for the home loan and ran into a bit of a snafu regarding my closing costs. Everyone and their mom has been telling me I can borrow my closing costs, turns out that is not true according to my loan officer, Paula. Paula decided to tell me this as I was signing my loan application where I immediately had a minor meltdown...there were tears. I have been prepared to pay my down payment this whole time, but another $3600 on top of that, not so much. In the midst of my breakdown, Paula came up with the idea to raise the price of the house and then ask for help with closing costs from the seller which thankfully they accepted.

If you every want to feel unintelligent, try buying a house...it really makes your brain hurt. Overwhelming can't even begin to describe how I feel when contemplating the financials of getting this house locked up.

Hopefully this week I can stop Googling information about FHA appraisals and just relax. I should hear something by the second week of March if everything is going the way it should.

Chris and I have mapped out the next couple of weekends to prepare for the March 21st closing date...this coming weekend we are going to go to the Home and Garden Show at America's Center, then the next two weekends are going to be spent furniture shopping for the living room and bedroom. My parents are gifting us a washer and dryer (thank jeebus!) so we really don't need any appliances just yet. I almost bought some dishes today but I felt like I might jinx myself if I did. I plan on making a post later about what I am thinking design wise for the living, dining, bath, and bedrooms.  I think I have some good ideas brewing..back with more.

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