A Real Home Life

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When I started this blog, I struggled to come up with a title (I was never a very creative person). I had just moved home to my parents' house, fresh out of college, and looking for a job. When searching for a name I kept thinking about my favorite songs or more particularly my favorite singer/songwriter, John Mayer. Then entered my mind, his song "Home Life". Today I am proud to say that the title I chose almost 3 years ago is now even more suiting because....


I can't even believe it...I was so nervous today when I signed the papers accepting the seller's counter offer, almost shaking, but it is a done deal. We close on March 21st barring no hiccups with inspections. WOOHOO!  

This house was unlike any other I saw in the area I was looking in, mostly updated, an awesome finished basement, 3 bedroom, 2 bath...just absolutely freaking amazing! We aren't even going to have to do that much work to get it move in ready...I'm talking like paint a bathroom and call it a day! I will post more pictures once the seller's move out. We already have our inspection on Saturday morning...it's all happening! Back with more!

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  1. Sara, So happy for you! Congratulations on your big purchase! Enjoy home ownership!