Nice Little Sunday

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gotta love three day weekends! I slept in this morning, went and browsed for some appliances, ate lunch with Chris, and made a leisurely Target kinda day! I definitely have to think about work tomorrow since I neglected to think about it last week in the midst of signing a house contract, a tech conference, and parent teacher conferences. Hopefully I will be able to knock out my 4 days of plans in no time at all tonight...or tomorrow.

My Target run was very successful...I bought these cute platform sandals, I just couldn't resist, with the 70 degree weather today and the fact that they were only $9.98! I practically skipped to the checkout counter. These shoes are getting me excited to dress up for work again. The winter really makes my work clothes turn into more of a uniform..khaki pants, long sleeve shirt, Northface, tennis shoes, rinse and repeat. During the fall and spring I love dressing up for school, planning my outfits out for the week. Hopefully by spring break I will be sporting these puppies as well as some capris or maybe even a dress or two, which Target had some very cute ones as well. P.S. I really want to go shopping!

Chris and I went had our home inspection yesterday and things went well. Nothing is majorly wrong except for a leaky kitchen faucet and garbage disposal that needs to be replaced. The home inspector said he was even impressed with all the updates that had been made to the house. However, the AC, heat, and water heater were all over the age of 18, yikes! Hopefully, we can get some kind of home protection plan thrown back in to the agreement because it sounds like we're going to need it. Tomorrow I am meeting with the mortgage people to get that ball rolling. It's all happening!

My day off tomorrow is going to consist of organizing and cleaning my heart out...I pretty much neglected everything last week because it was so crazy. Thank you Mr. George Washington for this little slice of heaven I call a 4-day work week, hope you enjoy yours!

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