Whatever Is Meant to Happen, Will Happen

Monday, February 14, 2011

I officially hate the expression above. I don't like to leave things to chance..I am a leave no rock unturned, no question unanswered, no messing around type of gal. Especially when big decisions are at hand. My post from last week about house hunting definitely jumped up a notch this past weekend...I put a freakin' offer on a house! The fact that I put in writing that I am willing to take out a loan for a number that has far too many zeros still quite hasn't hit me yet. And I had no idea on how fast everything would move...my seller's counter offered and now I have until tomorrow to accept/counter again. I could potentially be closing by March 21st! I am waiting to hear back from my potential lenders on closing costs and other financials but things seem promising.

 Today is also Valentine's Day, did you do anything special? Chris and I celebrated Friday night with dinner and seeing Just Go With It..which was surprisingly good. Some lovely flowers were also waiting for me once I got home from work today... my camera was too fuzzy to make them look nice so here the stock picture from the website. They were beautiful! I am off to a two day conference as well as parent teacher conferences as well...such a long week ahead, with many decisions!

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