The Night Before Closing

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I wish I could be witty right now and crank out a "night before closing" poem, but frankly, it's late, I'm tired, and my brain can only make lists at this point.

The day is almost here, less than 12 hours and counting until I have my own home. It's crazy to think a month and a week has passed by since I first saw the house. But, the time has come and Chris and I are as ready as possible.

We did the final walk through on Saturday and had a few surprises:

Surprise #1: Look ma, no refrigerator! Seriously, I checked and rechecked the paperwork and could have sworn that the fridge was staying, but apparently I was wrong.

Surprise #2: Lovely orange-y carpet stains from the owner's furniture. Should come out, no biggie.

Surprise #3: A horrendous paint job in the living room that had been hidden by furniture. So now instead of painting two bedrooms and a bathroom were pretty much painting the whole main level. Hooray!

Chris and I made a MAJOR to-do list, outlined by day...hopefully we are not being over-zealous with the amount we can accomplish.

We did buy some basement furniture, a new sofa and loveseat from Weekend's Only for a reasonable $860. We are crossing our fingers that they won't be too turns out we have quite a narrow basement, only 11 feet wide, dashing our sectional hopes. But we're totally happy with what we picked out this weekend and can't wait to lounge. I promise to post pictures soon. In the meantime, feast your eyes on some pics I took during the walk through this weekend, back with more!

Living room/Dining room


Basement Bedroom

Media Built Ins

Basement Wet Bar

Laundry Room


Basement Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Main Level Bathroom

2nd Bedroom

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