School Year Sundays

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I am particularly fond of Sundays during the school year, especially the ones where there isn't much to do except lounge on the couch, read blogs, watch TV, and do absolutely zero lesson plans.

Those Sundays don't happen too often but today is one of them....and I am enjoying it thoroughly.

Made a Target run, had a delicious lunch, now just waiting for the MTV VMAs to begin at 8pm - yes, I'm watching them. As soon as I heard there could be possible NSYNC reunion, I said bye, bye, bye to any other Sunday night plans. AND the Divergent trailer is playing during the pre-show. I'm beginning to think instead of turning 28 last week I regressed to my 15 year old fan-girl self.

Don't care!

How was your weekend? Mine was top notch.

Friday night win at the Card's game with some fabulous co-workers friends.

Followed by the most glorious cheese pizza all by my lonesome while the man of the house had about 10 others guys over for their fantasy football draft. It was the best midnight pizza. Ever.

We spent Saturday night celebrating a good buddy's 30th birthday.

All in all, can't complain. Already looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend - gotta love the first holiday of the school year!


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