Burlap Wreath

Monday, September 02, 2013

Gotta love a three day weekend!

We did a little bit of everything this weekend: Friday night in, Saturday at the lake, Sunday dinner at my parents, and Monday spent grocery shopping and enjoying an extra day off.

I even found some time to get my craft on.

This wreath was surprisingly easy to make. I just pulled loops of burlap through the rungs of a wire wreath form and scrunched them together. Side note: When did wreath making become so expensive? If there wouldn't have been some great coups at Micheal's today, this puppy would have cost almost $40, sheesh! Sometimes it might be more economical to buy one off Etsy.

I can't wait to plant some mums which will really make our outdoors look more autumn like. I may have burned my sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle whilst crafting today - definitely wishing for some cooler temperatures and falling leaves. And bonfires. Just everything fall.

And now to look forward to a four day work week, a Friday night Cardinal's game with one of my best gals and her man, and my first ever gender reveal party. Can't wait to see what our friends, Joel and Natalie, are going to have!

Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Your wreath looks incredible!! I'm trying to decide what I want my fall wreath to look like. Can't wait to put some mums out as well.