A Much Needed Friday

Friday, May 03, 2013

Never has Friday looked so good after a dreadful week. It might be hard to find 5 things to actually celebrate. Let's see here...

1. 14 actual school days left. And I actually have plans done.

2. Lost five pounds last week but it was because I didn't drink one Dr. Pepper. I might be going through withdrawals right now. Hoping I dropped a few more pounds when I step on the scale Sunday.

3. Tried some fantastic lemon-cucumber-mint water, so refreshing!

4. Cardinal's game with Emily.

5. I've put together at least 3 cute "new" outfits with the addition of a denim jacket to my wardrobe. I never thought I was a jean jacket kinda lady but I think I've proved myself wrong.

Alright, well that wasn't so hard. Looking forward to my cousin's bachelorette party this weekend, we are hitting up Fast Eddie's or the wineries and then a bar crawl on Main Street St. Charles.

How was your week? Hopefully better than mine!


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  1. 5 pounds without drinking Dr. P?! That might be my flaw, I drink at least 2 cans of diet Dr. P every day and I wonder why the weight won't fall off LOL. Congrats!