Letting Loose

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What a great weekend!

I celebrated the end of school a little early with a few adult beverages at the Cardinal's game Friday night with Chris.

Now depending how you look at this next part you will either consider me a) extremely lucky or b) a thief with no conscience. 

I found $100 on the ground at the bar we went to after the game. And I kept it.

I kept it because:

1. I was slightly tipsy. 
2. I got excited. 
c) It was crazy packed and I figured there was no way I would find the rightful owner when I announced to the crowd, "Did anyone lose $100?" 

What would you have done? Turned it in or kept it?

So while someone had a pretty awful night...I had a fantastic time. The beer flowed like wine and we got a ride home from Chris' parents. Gotta love parents who live close by and don't mind picking up their inebriated child and girlfriend at 1am.

Saturday was spent at my cousin's wedding. It was HOT. But everyone survived and had a fun time.

Mi familia

After sleeping in this morning, I treated myself to a mani and then some grocery shopping. 

Only four days to get through with the kids until summer vacation. In which time I have to clean my classroom, grade 105 essays, complete grades, buy and wrap gifts for our staff, and generally just not lose my mind. I'll be dreaming of this weekend while trying not to pull my hair out.

Have a great week!


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  1. Last minute grading is the worst.thing.ever.

    Finding $100 is the best.thing.ever!