Summer Spending

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What is it about summer that makes me want to spend money with reckless abandon?

Is it because I have oodles of time to online window shop? Or possibly because my crazy school district pays me 5 paychecks at one time, which makes feel like I'm rich?

The world may never know but Mr. Postman is going to be delivering some fun to my doorstep over the next week or so.

My new purchases included a new GHD Flat Iron.
My Sedu straightener shorted out a couple of months of go and I've been roughing it with a small travel size straightener since then. The plates are literally a 1/2 inch and pulls out my hair. After looking at pictures of my hair from my cousin's wedding last week in which I felt my hair looked a little "fluffy", I decided, no more!

I got an alert that Folica was offering 25% off through Wednesday, so I pulled the trigger and invested in a new flat iron. I use the word "invested" when I want to justify than I'm not crazy for spending $130 on a tool that makes my already straight hair - straighter. Also, I used Ebates and received an additional 5% cash back.

$185 flat iron - 25% off coupon + 5% cash back = slightly less panicked Sara.

Then I took my online shopping self to the mall. Normally I show great restraint in shopping but on Saturday I was in a buying mood. I proceeded to Victoria's Secret and took advantage of their 7 for $26 panty deal and bought the cutest little Cardinal's outfit which my sister assured me was not in the least bit "skanky".

Victoria's Secret
The picture doesn't show the navy bandeau I bought to go underneath the tank.

When I showed the outfit to the boyfriend, he looked at me and replied, "I don't get it."

Not quite sure what there is "to get" but the jury is still out on if I will actually wear this ensemble to the game on Saturday or not.

While checking out at VS, the sales girl sprayed my bag with one of their body sprays. Normally I detest this practice because I am somewhat sensitive to smells but much to my surprise, I love the scent. So I went home and ordered it online as well as another bra. Oops. At least I got free shipping and 2% cash back from Ebates.

I continued my spending spree yesterday when I decided I needed a new nail polish color. Off to Walgreens to purchase my favorite Sensationail gel nail polish.

 "Cabana Boy" -  a great orange-y red to kick off summer. Thankfully, I had a $1 off coupon and found another $2 off coupon in store.

As I re-read this, I realize it may not be the money burning a hole in my pocket but the fact that I feel like I'm getting "deals" on everything. Congratulations marketing department of every store in're doing a great job!

What about you? Has the shopping bug bit you recently? Or are you forever a window shopper?


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  1. i always shop when the seasons start; summer being the worst of it because all the cute summer outfits/shoes come out.

    and tell me more about that nail gel; do you have to use some kind of special dryer or UV light thingy to dry them? how long does it last compared to regular polish?

    1. Sensationail is pretty great. It usually last about two weeks for me. I change polish due to regrowth, not chipping usually. Check out the post I dd about the entire process below.