There's No Time! There's Never Enough Time!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Please tell me you read the title of this post in your best Jessie Spano caffeine-pill-freakout-voice.

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No? Just me?

Well then, suffice it to say I feel like my work life and whatever semblance of personal life I am trying to cling to are out of control busy.

I stayed at work until 6pm tonight. School gets out at 3:15pm. No bueno. (I did squeeze a workout in there, so not all work, no play). Did I mention I got there at 6:45am? Blah!

But MAN, I am exhausted and ready for this school to be over. So I took me a little personal holiday and hit up the Cardinal's home opener yesterday!

Me, Dad, Emily
Me, Mom, Dad, Emily

My mom's sweet glasses.

Me and Chris

Despite the ridiculous collapse of our bullpen in the 9th inning and the subsequent 13 -4 loss against Cincinnati, it was still a fantastic day. We tailgated for a couple of hours before the game and then dined on some delicious ballpark fare, including the first funnel cake of the season. Love me a funnel cake.

While I don't forsee a slow down at work or home, I'm going to try my best to keep up on the ol' blog, at least linking up for High Five for Friday.

Anyone else out there feeling crazy busy? 


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  1. You lucky girl! Why don't they just make that a holiday!?!