Springfield and Blog Friends

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This past weekend I traveled to Springfield, MO to visit my little sister at college. I haven't been to Springfield in about 15 years so I was definitely surprised at how big it was...had no idea it was the third largest city in the state. Who knew?

We spent Saturday and Sunday bumming around town, bowling, and eating juuuuust about everything in sight.

Thanks to Instagram, my Springfield blog buddies, Danavee and Andrea,  were alerted to my presence in their hometown.

After talking about how neat it would be to meet, we decided to ACTUALLY MEET! Squeeee!

Immediately after deciding to meet, I got very nervous. I started think to myself, it may seem just a little crazy to meet two gals that I've only ever conversed with over the interwebs. But I'm real glad I drove myself downtown and met them because it was super fun!

We talked about everything from our lovely careers as teachers, summer plans to trek to St. Louis, and just about everything in between, the conversation was casual and breezy. Total fun.

Have you ever met a blog friend in person? Was it a success or total horror story? I'm glad that Danavee and Andrea weren't psychopaths! Haha!


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  1. HAAA!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm posting about it tomorrow too! It seriously was my favorite part of the weekend. WE LIKE YOU!

  2. visiting from Danavee's blog, because I had to see who she met... I agreed to meet someone I only knew from the internets. I was excited but nervous, too. Can so relate to that. lol. My husband was like, so you're meeting someone from the internet? What if she isn't who she says she is? What if she isn't a she?! haha. She turned out to be pretty cool and we had a good time.