High Five for Friday

Friday, September 28, 2012

It's a little late but it's still Friday and I miss my weekly dose of positivity so I'm back to countdown the 5 things that rocked this week (and the past few).

1. Well looky what came for me about two weeks ago.  BOOYAH!

2. Last year, Chris and I wanted to go to the Forest Park Balloon Race and we tried to go but got lost in the park (it is 50% larger than NYC's Central Park dontchaknow). You'd think we'd be able to find a bunch of hot air balloons but no dice. Imagine our surprise last weekend when driving down Highway 40 and seeing this sight. Pretty neat!

3. I happen to hear numerous times at Parent - Teacher Conferences that my students are loving my class. Good to know that they're enjoying this year while I feel like I'm being pulled in 55 directions at once. I swear I can't keep up.

4. Indulged in a little retail therapy last week with work friends. I picked up a new eyeshadow quad from Bare Minerals and some other goodies.

5. My grandma is officially moved into my parents and we emptied her storage unit last weekend. We had a little party inside of it to celebrate unloading it.  BTW Raspberry Wheat Shock Top is heavenly.

This weekend I have a wedding and a baptism to celebrate so it should be lots of fun. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Seriously, teachers juggle 15 balls in the air AT ONCE, all while doing 20 other things at the same time! Whew! Living for the weekends.

  2. So true.mi cherish every minute of my weekends and I'm really sad when they end!