High Five for Friday

Friday, September 07, 2012

Oh heavens, Friday, thank goodness we finally made it! What is it about four day work weeks that make them take FOR-EV-ER! (I hope you read that in the voice of Squints Palladoris from The Sandlot. If you didn't, you're killing me Smalls!)

I'm linking up as usual with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for her High Five for Friday party.

5 things that rocked my week:

1. Finally exchanged the bedding I got for my birthday almost three weeks ago. I love it! And yes I'm 27 and still have my childhood stuffed animal - Webby from the Ducktales. Don't judge!

2. I love that I have students who travel. I also love when they bring me presents. A student visited her relatives over Labor Day weekend in Canada and brought me back some candy. My favorite was the Mr. Big.

3. Creating something original.

As I was cleaning the house on Sunday, I was putting out some Fall decorations and came up with this "owl under glass" look. At first I thought it was kind of silly but it has grown on me. Hopefully I'll be able to find something a little more substantial to put in there as the season goes on.

4. A relaxing day at school today thanks to our librarian giving an assessment during my class. Thanks Kristin! It was much needed!

5. My family. We rock. The picture below was taken on Saturday as we moved my 70 year old grandma from the home she's shared with her fiance for the past 10 years and been together with for over 15 years.

Long story short, they aren't together anymore and she had to get everything out of "his" house and quick.

And this was a surprise move, too. All put together in less than a week. While this is tough for my grandma, it felt good that we were all there to support her and we are able to help her. She also let me have a few of her things for my house which I just love but it sucks that I got to have them because of this situation.

My grandma and her grandchildren with our Great Uncle Walter
It's currently raining cats and dogs here in St. Louis but the weather people are claiming it is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend. Here's hoping! Have a great weekend!


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