High Five for Friday

Friday, July 20, 2012

Was it me or was this the quickest week ever? I swear I blinked and it went from Monday to Friday like that!

It's Friday so you know what that means...High Five for Friday party over at From My Grey Desk!

I thought this week was going to be more low fives than high fives but it turns out I had a pretty good week - I just had to look at events in a more positive way. It's all about perspective people.

Without further ado, high fives this week for:

1. Being proactive/healthy. I mentioned I've become quite the gym rat this summer but unfortunately I was sidelined this week (and next) by a pesky little mole.

I was reading Glamour a few months back and they had a whole section about safe sun. They included some pictures of moles to keep an eye and on and wouldn't you know there was a mole pictured that looked eerily similar to one I had on my left upper chest (yep, you're looking at my ta-ta in that pic up there). So instead of shrugging it off (like I had been doing the past five years) I scheduled an appointment with a derm and she said to be safe I would need to get it removed. Which finally happened on Tuesday. You wouldn't think mole removal would keep a person down but due to its ahem location I can't do any lifting or stretching AND I have to wear a sports bra for two weeks 24/7 - definitely a low five on that one.

2. This kid. I only wish my moves were as sweet as his. Captured outside of our Financial Peace University class Monday night.

3. Mexican night at my parent's house complete with sombreros.

4. A nice drive home from our float trip captured some fluffy clouds. So pretty.

5. It's officially official. My Master's is finished. Boo-yah!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Congrats on earning your Masters!

  2. I can't believe out of every Mexican night I've had we never made it complete by wearing sombreros!

    1. And they were only a buck thanks to the Dollar Store!