Out with the Old

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Today was one of those days where I just couldn't sit still. I was into everything...organizing the kitchen pantry, breaking down cardboard boxes from the plethora of Christmas gifts received, purging old beauty products under the bathroom sink, running errands, and cleaning out my closet. It's probably because I have literally sat on my arse the entire month of December - but hey, a little break every now and then never hurt anybody.

It was very satisfying to get so much done in one day and actually see the results. I wish I would have taken a few more before and after pictures. My kitchen pantry didn't need a whole lot of love, just some plastic grocery sack wrangling. I swear those things multiply by the minute! The previous owners of the house left a grocery bag container, we just hadn't been using it. So I stuffed it to the gills and then pitched the rest.

My closet was the next area I tackled. I am too embarrassed to show my entire closet because frankly I own too many clothes, shoes, handbags, for any one person - I mean I'm not a Mariah Carey proportions - but I may be a bit of a shopper who doesn't have enough room to nicely house all of the purchases.

But I will show you what I decided to purge. Behold!

- 3 pairs of shoes
- 1 handbag
- A bajillion Old Navy tank tops and tees
- 7 pairs of denim
- Tops of all sizes and colors

I am going to try my hand at selling some of the items to a local resale shop before sending the bulk of the items to the Family Resource Center here in St. Louis. A clean closet AND helping others...SCORE!

Hopefully, I will keep this organization/purge streak alive in Twenty-Twelve with a little help from Anna Moseley over at Ask Anna. She is hosting a challenge I've decided to participate in

All in all a productive day. What about you? Any good organizing going on at your house?

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