Our First Christmas Decor

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing Christmas eve. Today I am just hanging around the house and enjoying being off work before heading to my parents' for dinner and fun.

The house has looked especially dapper this holiday season. It is has been so nice to come home to a warm and inviting inside. I am kinda sad that I will have to take it all down soon. I actually asked Chris if we could be those people who keep their tree up until like March but he quickly put the kibosh on that idea. Bummer.

But for being first time holiday decorators, I think we did a pretty good job with minimal expense, either borrowing or using items that had been passed down to each of us. The only thing that was bought this year was our tree and our stockings.

 A friend from work and I traded craft services, I made her some cute wine glasses and she sewed this adorable banner. Don't mind our ghetto fabulous vertical blinds. I know you're jealous.

We keep it real with traditional red stockings.

My grandma made this table runner and the pine cones actually came off of our tree. I threw in some extra snowflake ornaments.

I love the sparkly place mats I found at Target on sale. I threw some glittery ornaments in a tall vase for a center piece and called it a day. Actually we have a poinsettia sitting on the table now.

Chris and I were lucky that our parents collected ornaments for us each year since, we also have a few home made ornaments too.  Below are some of my favorites...

Grover! This is actually Chris' but my family has Bert and Ernie ornaments that we all fight over. I was so tickled when he brought this out.

Chris and I decided that each year we would get each other an ornament. I found this awesome glittery pencil in my stocking for St. Nick's day this year. I got Chris a Cardinal's World Series ornament to commemorate the awesome 2011 season, but it currently wrapped under the tree waiting for tomorrow. Shh!!

Another one of Chris' ornaments. I love the colors and the sequins.

My grandma gave me this ornament when I was in grade school when I played a variety of musical instruments...flute, piano, bells, and percussion.

There are quite a few penguins on the tree being that they are one of my favorite animals. This guy just looks so jolly!

A student of mine gave me this glass ornament this year and I absolutely love it.

Chris' mom collected quite a few of these rocking horse ornaments from Hallmark over the years. We are told that some of them are actually quite valuable. We have about 15 or so spread over the tree.

We put our Christmas cards up on our "mantle". I've seen a lot of great card holder ideas on Pinterest but never got around to making anything. Maybe next year.

And the house wouldn't be complete without some Christmas subway art. I found this over at Eighteen25. They have a totally cute new year's one I plan on printing soon for 2012.

Well, that is the tour. I have meaning to take some pictures of our outdoor decorations but haven't got to it yet. Maybe tonight!

Have a wonderful Christmas eve!

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  1. Grover! Love it so much! Isn't it fun decorating for holidays? We are in a new house this year, so we bought some new items, so I know what you mean. Hope you have a merry Christmas!

  2. We have been in our new house for about 8 months now and decorating for the holidays is the first real effort I have made in making decor decisions so it has been really nice. I hope you have a merry Christmas as well!