Mommy's Sippy Cup

Monday, December 26, 2011

I've been dying to share a little crafting I did back in October but couldn't due to the fact that the crafts were gifts. So now that Christmas has come and gone, I figure it's okay to share.

I mentioned previously that I have a crafty friend, Megan, who made me that pretty Ho Ho Ho banner I showed during my Christmas house tour. Well for that exchange, I made her some cute wine glasses to give as gifts.

Using my Cricut and some outdoor vinyl, I cut out the letters and dots to make some adult "sippy" cups. I can't believe how easy they came together and so inexpensive. They should last through quite a few wine nights too, because I used outdoor/automotive grade vinyl, which was also nice and shiny.

Funny thing is, I saw wine glasses just like this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond right after I made them, but of course mine are way cuter...or at least I like to think so ; )

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