100 Posts and Easter fun!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wow! It only took me about 3 years but I have reached a blogging milestone. Yippee for me! Remember in kindergarten, how you celebrated the 100th day of school and you had to glue 100 things to a poster? Well just picture me gluing 100 pieces of Easter candy to my poster board right now.

Mmmmm...100 Peeps, yes please!
 By the way, I just discovered a love for Peeps. What have I been missing all these years? I thought Peeps were some stale, icky, creation BUT they turned out to be DELICIOUS! I spent my Easter Sunday biting the head's off all the ones I got in my basket. Speaking of which, that ol' boyfriend of mine pretty much made me feel like the marshmellow-y insides of one of those Peeps, he actually got me an Easter Basket and hid plastic eggs around the house.
While I was totally surprised I felt like a complete schmuck because I didn't get him one even though I totally thought about it. I figured we wouldn't do anything but he went and smashed that idea to smithereens! Love that boy :)

Our Easter day was pretty uneventful, we didn't do anything with either of our families because they were both doing late lunches or dinners and we had tickets to the Cardinals game. The game was fun except that it was a little chilly and of course started raining but that was no big deal for us because we were under the cover of Homer's Landing, which was definitely nice!

I took a personal day today to work on a grad school project and bum around the house. I pampered myself a little and got an awesome hot stone pedicure and my nails done. But otherwise I have been crossing things off my to-do list...installed a towel bar (more like supervised the installation of a towel bar, thanks Aunt Cyndi!), made ump-teen phone calls...Ashley Furniture for our missing dining room chair parts, home warranty people to schedule someone to look at our oven which won't even turn on :( and trying to get a hold of the people we bought our fridge from to repair the broken LED light. I also accomplished the weekend goal of clearing away our tool table that had been sitting in our dining room for a month and setting up our guest bedroom. No pics of that yet but will get some soon. Things are coming along quite nicely, have a good week!

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