Got My Roll On

Friday, April 22, 2011

Yahoo! I just finished painting the 2nd bedroom! After starting last weekend, I got the last wall painted today after school. Chris and I originally bought paint for this room 4 weeks ago when we went on a paint buying spree, we chose Valspar Dreamy Cloud.

 After a somewhat less than stellar experience with our master bedroom color, Oaklands Subtle Taupe, which promised to look like a light smoky gray, but instead turned out more white and way lighter than intended, the above Dreamy Cloud made me want to wretch when I went to start painting last Saturday. Since we were able to get a $5 rebate on each can of paint and we bought 5 cans of paint four weeks ago, I justified buying just one more because it was essentially free with the rebate.

Enter the color I WOULD have painted our bedroom. Olympic Aqua Smoke!

It is perfect, a good mix of gray and smoky blue. I am in lurve with this color. My non-fancy camera did a horrible job of capturing its' beauty but here it is. While I was painting I also touched up the window frames, sills, baseboards, and ceiling. We plan on using this room as our office and it also it home to my closet, since I have entirely too much stuff to share one with Chris.

This weekend I plan on finally getting all the paint put away and clearing off this card table that has been sitting in the dining room for 4 weeks holding all of our tools and supplies. It will be nice to move the dining table to its actual place in the middle of the room instead of pushed up against the wall.

We have our first guests staying at the house on Sunday, my sister and her boyfriend, so the guest bedroom needs to get underway. Luckily, no paint in sight for that room which is actually downstairs. I plan on getting a bed in there, some sheets and maybe a side table. We shall see what comes together when I go shopping tomorrow.

Being a homeowner has really made me cherish the weekends. I downright love spending time in our house, it is just a great feeling. We only have 5 more weeks of school left which probably will go as slow as molasses but it will be here soon and I can spend all the time I want just staring at the pretty walls of mi casa.

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