It's Coming to an End.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer vacation that is. My first summer break is in its last week and I am getting really excited about starting my new position as a 6th grade teacher at Parkway West Middle School. Yes, everything is almost official, I have filled out all the paperwork and I am just waiting for a few more "I"s to be dotted and "T"s crossed before I am officially official with a contract and everything. And so far everyone has been so welcoming and nice, I got three phone calls this week just welcoming to the team and the school and how happy they were to have me. I don't think I talked to anyone at Warrenton until the first week of school. I know Parkway is going to be a big change from Warrenton and I am very excited to be in a school district that has its' stuff together. I went and picked up some things I left in my classroom out in Warrenton yesterday and while I was sad to be leaving my friend Leslie and my new Promethean Board, I know that this change is definitely for the best, it means a closer commute, more money, and better resources.

Tomorrow I get to go out to school and see my classroom and run around the school a bit, hopefully I can move some of the crap that I took from Warrenton in so I don't have to cart it around in the back of my car.

Before I know it the first day of school will be here and those bright, shiny, 6th graders will be in my hands...oh goodness. I have a lot planned for this year and some changes that I would like to make in order to make my classroom run a lot smoother. For example, every kid is getting a number (that corresponds to alphabetical order) that they have to put on every piece of paper so I can put things in order in two seconds as opposed to ten minutes. That is just one minor thing but something to change nonetheless.

I can't wait to go school supply shopping! I can seriously spend hours in the teacher store looking at posters, stickers, markers, and pens...if only I had an unlimited budget for decorating...ahh, one can dream.

I have got to get some laundry done, we've been home from Flordia for a week and I still haven't gotten things all the way unpacked. Sometimes these arms just do not want to do chores. :)

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