3 Happy Years

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Wednesday was Chris and I's 3 year anniversary and it was such a great day! We always talk about stuff we want to do but then we never do them. I came up with the idea to create a little challenge, each person has to think of an activity that costs no more that $20 to celebrate our anniversary. I immediately thought of going up in the STL Arch, I had never been up it before and I thought that would be a fun little outing, not really romantic but adventurous and it fit the budget. Lo, and behold, Chris thought of the exact same thing...well kinda, he was torn between going to the pool and the arch and we really didn't have enough time to do both so the arch won.

A view of Busch Stadium from the Arch.

I got some great pictures while we were up there. I totally did not realize how many people can fit in the observation deck, there were tons of people in there all trying to get a view.

Chris and I at the tallest point in the Arch.

Did I mention is was ridicoulously hot last Wednesday? It was like 94 degress before 10am. And Chris told me that I had to dress somewhat nice because he had a surprise planned after we completed our Arch outing. I love but hate surprises. I am the type that will pester until someone gives in and just tells me what the surprise is. He did a really good job not telling me until we arrived at Mike Shannon's resturant downtown. It was crazy fancy and we should have been a little more dressed up then nice jeans and flip - flops but we didn't feel too bad because there were some Cards fans eating in shorts and a t-shirt. My god was the meal we ate to die for. We both had a little wine with our delicious 8 oz fillets with humongous baked potatos. We even shared some delicious cheesecake. How I wish I could repeat that meal everyday but due to it's price tag I think we can only afford to eat it every three years. Haha.

After we left the restaurant we started walking around downtown but we didn't get too far because Chris had arranged for a horse carriage ride! At first I didn't realize that he had arranged it and I thought it was happenstance that a carriage just happened to be right outside the restaurant, I think I even said that it would "stupid" to get in one of those. Before I knew it we were cruising downtown STL by a horse named "Dan." It was acutally fun and relaxing after the huge meal we just ate and downtown has gotten some awesome new art installations due to the All-Star Game coming in July.

I really couldn't have asked for a better day and I was so surprised that Chris went to such lengths to plan our night. It was a day to remember for sure.

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