A Long Week

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's only Monday and I can feel that this is going to be a long week, long because I am waiting for Thursday and this weekend. I have an interview this Thursday that I am trying so hard not be pumped up for but I literally could have swung from the ceiling when I got the call setting up the appointment on Saturday. I really don't want to get my hopes up but I feel like this position was made for me, it's 6th grade World Geography at Parkway West Middle School - if I could ask for a dream job right now this would be it. Geography is my favorite subject in the realm of social studies and I love teaching that class already and a chance to do it an pretty great school district would be even better. I interviewed in the district at Parkway South back in April and that was less than great. They essentially gave me a history test, a test I obviously hadn't studied for. But I feel like I am that much more ready for this interview. It is only supposed to be a half hour so I hoping they focus on actual teaching practice and not content knowledge. It's also supposed to be about 95 degrees on Thursday and my interview is at 1:30 so I need to be calm, cool, and collected in order to not sweat through my suit, which is a definite possiblity (I'm a sweater.)

Also this weekend is the 4th Annual Lake Trip. I have been praying to the weather gods for sunny skies and hopefully they will listen. Right now the forecast is calling for rain on Friday but gorgeous weather on Saturday and Sunday. Chris has an alumni golf tournament this weekend for Sig Ep so he won't be attending which means I have to drive myself to the Lake which I have never done before, I'm not too stoked about it. I also have to lug my own cooler and all the other manly stuff that Chris usually takes care of. I always get really nervouse before big gatherings with my friends for some reason, like I always fear the worst for some reason. It usually always turns out to be a great time but I run through all the what ifs before I go, like "what if someone drinks too much?", "what if someone fights with their bf/gf?", I think I do that just so I can have realistic expectations for my weekend.

"We don't take pictures at RUDE DOG!" What some guy yelled at us as this picture was taken, needless to say we spent about 2.5 minutes there and peaced!

This past weekend was Allyson's wedding and it was a great time! She looked absolutely gorgeous and it was fun taking a little road trip with the girls. We headed down Friday night and had dinner at Outback with Durick serving us, then we were out for the night to all our favorite old haunts...D'Ladium, Rude Dog (not really a fav, just had to stop in and take a shot), and Ragsdale's. Saturday we got ready and headed to Portageville for the 3pm nuptials and back to New Madrid for the reception. It was fun getting to catch up with some sisters I hadn't seen in awhile and of course celebrate Allyson. Around 9 we headed back up to Cape and settled in at D'Ladium for some good drinks and good fun.

Alpha Chi Omegas at Allyson's Wedding.
Fun at D'Ladium!

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