"Between You, Me, and the Fencepost..."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So last week I wrote about how it was going to be such a long week because I was waiting for an interview for a new job and let me tell you IT WAS! I was a complete nut, I practice interviewing myself in the car on the way to Chris's house and had my sister mock interview, I wanted this thing so badly I could taste it. I got all gussied up on Thursday and strutted my stuff on in to wow the pants off the interview panel. Now I feel that I am making myself sound VERY confident going in to this interview when the truth is I could have peed my pants once I actually got there. I just tried to remain calm and collected even after they dropped the M-bomb on me...MATH. I was interviewing for a geography slash MATH position. I am sure the look on my face said, "WTF?" because the principal replied with, "Does that change your mind?" I really didn't know what to respond with except for, "Nope, not a problem, love math!" I'm such a liar. Math is my worst f'ing subject and now you want me to teach it to 6th graders. And my all means I should be able to teach 6th grade math, it covers things like fractions, decimals, precentages, but math is just one of the subjects that if you don't know what you are doing you stay the hell away from trying to act like you know how to teach it! But I digress, I made it in to the interview where I met with a panel of 8 people, by far the biggest panel I have come across so far in my fledgeling teaching career. They all introduced themselves and we got down to business. Thankfully they focused on teaching questions instead of content knowledge unlike the unsuccessful Parkway South interview. But I made sure to show them that I was the best for this job... I mean geography is my life, I was made for this job. Afterwards the principal told me that I would hear from them by next Friday and to enjoy my weekend and that was that.

Imagine my surprise when driving to the lake the next day when I get a call from the principal telling me that I was in their top 3 of the 6 candidates interviewed and that he is going to check references. HOT DAMN! I could have stopped my car right there on the highway, got out and done a little dance to celebrate but no, I drove the car on with an ear to ear grin on my face. He did want me to think about the position a little bit more because it is only for one year right now and they can't guarantee me anything after that which is a slight bummer but this gets my foot in the door and who knows what can happen by next year. I had to call him back yesterday to give him some more phone numbers for references and all in all he gave me a very clear picture of where this was headed. If all my references check out, "then between you, me, and the fencepost I am recommending you for hire." BOO-YAH. While nothing is official and it won't be until at least July 10th, that to me sounded like "you got the job!" Hopefully I am correct in thinking that it will not be too hard to break my current contract (and from what I am told it shouldn't be). Hopefully I will get an official offer by the end of the week so I can turn in my resignation letter. This is all very exciting and I can't wait for it to be really real!

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