Just a Quickie

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Don't feel like writing a whole lot but I felt I needed to post for May...I know I sound like a broken record but time is freaking flying by. 2 more weeks of school then dunzo. I booked our flight today to St. Petersburg, so no backing out now for sure. Is it weird that I feel oddly independent making large purchases? I booked four flights on my debit today for a grand total of $800, now of course I will be paid back but knowing that I had $800 laying around to purchase those makes me feel pretty darn good.

I hate being ambushed, especially work ambushed. I was minding my own beeswax today when I get called to a meeting I know nothing about except it has to do with character education, which I loathe. Basically they want me to join a committee/be in charge of something. How I wish I could have given a big, fat, NO but I atleast said I will think about it. Ugh.

In other job news, I applied to random Craigslist ad to become a personal trainer at a gym in Des Pere and I actually got an interview. This gym will train me for 4 weeks and then put me to work in their gym part time BUT I have to sign a one year contract. I am looking for a summer career not a second job that I would continue into the school year...I just don't think I can handle that amount of stress. We'll see, I have to call him back on Friday to talk more.

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