Spring Fever

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a nice weekend, the weather was fabulous, over 80 degrees and beautifully sunny. Oh! It just makes me crave summertime. I got quite the taste this week, I essentially had Thursday off...I got to go to the Cardinal's game with kids from school. The game was awesome, Pujols hit two homeruns and Ankiel also hit a homer. But trying to keep watch of 36 middle schoolers in a crowd of 39,000...was a litte nerve racking to say the least. Friday I took a personal day to get some Dr. appointments out of the way and to just have the day off. Only 21 more school days (over one calendar month) until the end of school, I can't believe it. My first year of teaching is almost over. I haven't found another job and my contract is due this week. But I am honestly getting excited about next school year, it kind of feels good to know what's coming up and how I am going to better myself for next school year. But I feel like it is going to be a rough stretch over this next month...the kids already don't want to do crap and we have ALOT to cover, we aren't even to the Civil War yet, almost but a lot to cover. We can do it.

Another fun thing I did on Friday was book Chris and I's vacation for this summer! I feel so
 grown up making my own plans and paying for it by myself. We finally decided on St. Pete Beach, FL. My parents went there two years ago and said it was fabulous. I think I found a pretty great deal on where to stay too...Now I just have to get in bikini body shape, which I have been working on. Zumba has been freaking awesome, I love it. I even found a complete Zumba studio in O'Fallon that I can hit on the way home when Club Fitness doesn't have a class. I lost 4 pounds the first week and my stomach already looks more defined and plus it is just fun. I may not be the best dancer but whatever works!

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