Everything But Work

Monday, April 13, 2009

That is about all I want to right now. I have bookoos (sp?) of grading to but I quite simply don't want to do it. Hope everyone had a great Easter, mine sure was filling. I think I ate more yesterday than I have in about in an entire week! The scale certainly showed it, I gained two pounds from last week, ouch. But I did go work out tonight, it was intense...I did one of the group fitness classes at the gym called Zumba, it was great. It is all Latin and I think some Indian dance moves put together for a heart-pumping work-out. Don't know if I could do it everyday but definitely fun and challenging to mix things up for a change.

Goodness gracious...only 5 more Mondays until my first year of teaching is over. I can't even believe it. This last week has been hard in the realm of personal decisions about next year. I did not get the position I interviewed for last week which was tough but it was a tough interview so I really didn't expect to get the job anyway, but it just put me in this sour mood like that interview was going to be my one shot to get a new job for next year. I know it won't but I don't want to deal with the hassle of breaking a contract and plus I am getting kind of excited for next year...we're interviewing candidates for our team this week to fill the math position for next year which is exciting and I am even thinking of taking a coaching position but I don't want to commit to something and then not follow through. That is just not my way. It'll work out...eventually.

This week needs to move quickly!

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