Take My Breath Away

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I sometimes hate that I become so invovled in television shows and movies. I can't help that I am overly emotional over fictional people, events, etc. With that being said I honestly can't believe the Grey's Anatomy season finale tonight...I even knew that shit about George enlisting in the army and couldn't put all the pieces together until he started writing on Meredith's hand. Literally, I started screaming at the television, "OH MY GOD, IT'S GEORGE!" But I kind of feel like I have seen this story line before...anyone remember Dr. Gant (Omar Epps) for ER who died when he jumped/tripped in front of the EL train on ER? No one knew it was him until the page sent out for Gant beeped on the mangled patient. Also, the whole "in love with a person with no face" scenario totally played out with crazy Rebecca and Karev last season. I mean I am shocked but I feel like I am seeing some similiar story lines. And I am pumped about Yang and Owen, not pumped about Little Grey and Sloane...I just want everyone to be together and be happy.

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  1. Oh my gosh - last night was tramatic for me. I do the same thing, I always get so involved with TV shows, it's almost sad :( I do the same thing with Biggest Loser too. Do you watch Biggest Loser?! Have a great weekend sister!!