Sunday Funday

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a great day! Chris and I spent the day just hanging out, enjoying the gorgeous weather around St. Louis. We treated ourselves to some Quizno's and then a walk in Tilles Park. It was so nice out we took TWO walks, our 2nd walk of the day was at a small park in the Clifton Heights neighborhood, lots of nice houses and pretty things to see. It made me a little depressed because there were quite a few houses for rent/sale and it just points out that Chris and I can't afford anything for a really long time. I will just keep saving my money and one day like 20 years from now I will move out and be able to support myself...where's my lottery ticket again??

Saturday I went to my friend from high school/freshman year roomates' bridal shower and had a good time, it was nice to see her and her family. She is getting married in Jamaica in May, lucky duck! Her and Justin got a lot of nice things to play with. Since I went to a shower that means I got to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond! I could literally spend hours in that store, however I will not choose to do it on a Saturday morning because it was a mad house. Everyone was walking around with stacks of paper in their hand trying to find just the right canister set that their friends had registered for. 

Well I better get to bed, busy week ahead...parent teacher conferences, grades are due and I am covering sectionalism at lightning speed, have a a great week!

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