Spring Break

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Well I feel like it has been awhile since a post and I finally have some time to write now that it is SPRING BREAK! Woohoo! It does feel nice to have a week off from school and it is crazy to think when we go back we only have about 10 weeks left. The school year is just flying by and my 8th graders will be in high school before I know it. I'm getting a little nervous about the end of school because I haven't heard anything from the school districts I have been applying to and I am suppose to sign my contract by the 2nd or 3rd week of school for Warrenton. I found out there may be a stiff penalty for breaking your teaching contract, around $3-5000, eeks! Unfortunately it would still be worth it for a higher paying job in any other district. I have come to terms with teaching there a second year if I have to. With the economy the way it is, I am lucky to have the job that I have so I will just be thankful.

Onto more brighter notes, last night was all about babies! We found out that our friends, Blake and Amy are having a baby! It is just too cool, they are a great couple and are going to make great parents. It will definitely be different having a little one around at some of our gatherings but we still have some time to adjust for he/she gets here. Another one of Chris's friends is also having a baby and it is rumored that another one is too...there must be something in the water...I just hope I haven't been drinking any. Ha ha.

While I excited to be on break for a little while, I am so bored and it is only the first day. Chris spends his days working and my parents/sisters are out of town for a volleyball tournament, so it is just me and the dog. And I am trying to save money so staying home is the best option but I wish there was more entertainment. This week I am planning on hitting the gym everyday, let's just say that my pants are getting a little tight and I REFUSE to go up even one size. I worked really hard to get my weight down and I have gotten so lazy lately with how I have been eating and not excercisng so I am not surprised that I have gained a little. Re-committment is all I need, and what better time than with a whole week to devote to it? I plan on heading to Cape Girardeau next weekend and I am pumped. A few of us are headed down to just hang out and get a little crazy in our favorite town. Although I don't know how many friends will be down there to visit because I think it will be SEMO's spring break by then. I think we will still have a good time.

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