I Love Cape Girardeau...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

but I am sure glad I don't live there full time anymore because I don't think I could handle, no my liver could not handle Cape Girardeau anymore. The gang all went down on Friday to visit Megan, Dusty, and Durick and celebrate St. Patty's day a little early, and had a fabulous time. Friday night we went to D'ladium and let's just say I haven't drank like that in a long time. I always get so excited when I go to Cape because I honestly don't drink/go out that much anymore and it is just a good chance to let my hair down and go a little crazy for the night. I also got in many much needed dart games this weekend, it didn't take me long to get warmed up, although I don't think I will ever be as good as some of friends. Saturday was a loooong day, Poco's at 11am, then onto Buckner's, Broussard's, Rude Dog, then D'Ladiums. All in all a pretty great weekend!

I go back to school tomorrow after my very relaxing spring break and I actually am not dreading it. Both of my classes are starting brand new chapters so we're really not finishing up any old business so it feels like a fresh start unlike Christmas break where we came back and still had to take finals....oh goodness it sucked. I counted today and there are only 49 days left of school, it is going to go by so quickly - I am pumped!

I started working out with my personal trainer again, just for a month, a little jumpstart for the swimsuit season. I have been sore since Tuesday, but it honestly makes me feel so good. However I am extremly jealous of my friends Megan and Ashley who still reap the benefits of cheap-o Cape Girardeau. They got a personal trainer for 8 months, seeing him 3 times a week for only $45 A MONTH! That is freaking ridiculous, I pay $45 an hour! I told them they are lucky ducks and they are going to look even greater than the already do. I am so glad that my friends are embracing fitness, it it just so much more motivating and easier for me to hit the gym knowing that my friends are doing the same. 

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