TGI Freakin' F!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

OH man, what a LONG week I feel that I have had. And it honestly hasn't been all to stressful, in fact I haven't even done school work when I've gotten home the past two nights (even though I have needed too, oops.) Nothing really eventful going on, just the usual frustrations with school and my ridiculous co-worker who shall remain unnamed. It is getting to the point where I can no longer be professional...the kids don't like her, her team and other teachers don't like her, and she is freakin' clueless! If I have to stay at my position at this school for another year I hope and pray that she leaves, I can't possibly see how she will be offered a contract anyways but you never know.

I'm kind of looking forward to the weekend, not much planned, maybe a night out with the girls in the Chuck and a surprise birthday party at Home nightclub at Ameristar. I can honestly say I am not even remotely excited for the b-day party, even though is supposedly free, I don't want to get dressed up, be in a club, and probably spend money I don't need to spend. Speaking of spending money I don't have, went to Target today after school, bought some new pillows and other staples. The pillows are fabulous, I didn't realize how horrible my current pillows that Chris call calls pancakes really were until I got these puppies on the bed...they are niiice. Should be a good slumber this weekend.

I really am pumped that the sun has started coming up earlier. I can now drive to work with a little bit of sun beginning to really does make a difference in my mood, a little bit brighter, which never hurts anything.

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