Nothing To Do

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I love coming home from work and having absolutely nothing to do, it's quite possibly one of my most favorite things because it makes me feel like I have one of those normal jobs that people have where the clock strikes a certain time and they can just get up and leave it for the next day. Things I may consider doing tonight: 1. Sitting on my butt 2. Painting my toe nails. 3. Laundry 4. Watching Bravo until I can't keep my eyes open. 5. Job searching. In order to have a list like this to consider it usually means I ran my tail off around work trying to plan tomorrow's lesson, making copies, grading papers, and just generally acting like I have had 10 times as more sugar than my students.

Today was kind of scary though. One of my students who is new and has previously been homeschooled, threatened another student and said he had a gun at school. Honestly I am not surprised, but I truly don't know if this student knows what he said is wrong. He was adopted from Russia and has only been here for 5 years and being to new the whole school atmosphere I just don't think he "gets" it. Of course other students have picked up on this and they try everything to get him agitated. It's unfortunate but I was surprised that he wasn't suspended for longer, only 14 days, I thought for sure it might be crazy long, possibly even expulsion.

This week is starting out better than last. Chris did apologize for the way he acted this weekend which made me very happy. I was right and things had just piled up to where it was too much to handle. Hopefully he can start getting somethings figured out with his job...he has to interview for a new position on Thursday because they are eliminating his current one, which he is none to happy about. I just keep repeating to myself that "everything will work out in time." But oh I how I wish time went faster or I could see the future.

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