8th Grade Dance

Friday, February 20, 2009

I am stuck at school until 9pm tonight chaperoning the school social and I am so freakin' tired I could literally take a nap on my desk. I still have an hour until it starts and then I have to supervise open gym. I asked for an assignment that would involve mostly sitting or doing something busy, like concessions but no, I get put in the gym where I loathe the activity....kickball. Should be interesting I suppose...I remember the good old days of the St. Elizabeth and Roberts Friday night dances. Oh my goodness, the drama of those dances. Sometimes I forget how much I was like my 8th graders now. I always tease them about their life being so complicated and remind them they are 14. But I think about me at 14... I freaked out about everything, wanted to be liked so badly by the popular kids, and was just skinny, pasty, had BANGS (for Christ's sake), wore purple eyeshadow because I had no idea it didn't look good and still wore a t-shirt everywhere. I absolutely cringe when I look at pictures of myself from this time period. I would love to be that skinny again but girlfriend now knows that she looks good with a tan and some mascara.

I dyed my hair last night, just a touch up of the same color from the day after Christmas, I didn't think my hair actually faded that much but it really made a difference...it's super dark. The kids were so complimenting today...made me feel good that actually noticed something....sometimes I don't think they wouldn't notice if an elephant was hanging out in the room because they are so into themselves.

One of my favorite websites that I read regularly called Mental Floss, posted an interesting topic to respond to today, "What would be your dream job?" Don't even think about your educational background or anything..if you just got to whatever you wanted for a living what would it be? I think I would like to be a travel photographer...there is so much beauty in this world, it would be great to capture it on film. Or ... now this sounds incredibly dorky, but I would love to be a librarian. Surrounded by all those books and knowledge...amazing. One of the answers I saw more than once was a paint color namer...thought that was interesting.

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