Save, Save, Save

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I've been on a mission this month to save some money. And with all the snow days in January (another one today - very surprised!) I've had plenty of time to devote to this mission.

As you might recall, I'm a follower of Dave Ramsey. Chris and I completed Financial Peace University in the summer of 2011 and we've definitely made some changes for the better - mostly being on the same page with our joint finances and making our money work for us. We tell our money where to go - it doesn't just disappear anymore!

Anywho, Dave posted a reminder on Facebook a few weeks back that it was a great time to review insurance policies and other services to see if there was any possibility of savings. Through a few emails and phone calls - I learned that I could save $400/year switching my auto insurance back to State Farm. Done and done.

I didn't stop there. Next I tackled our TV and internet bills. Currently we pay about $100/month for DirecTV and $46/month for DSL internet through AT&T. We've always been happy with both services but AT&T was running a crazy promotion - UVerse TV and Internet with great upgrades (a 3x faster internet than what we currently have, over 300 channels with Starz, HBO, and Showtime, free equipment/install, plus a $200 rebate). All for about $115/month. (It could have been lower but we chose an upgraded package because there was little difference between the next lowest package). That would be a savings of over $500/year.

I didn't immediately jump at that offer because DirecTV has always been great about offering some kind of deal if I called and asked what they could do. So that's what I did, called them up and explained the situation. They countered with 2 months of HBO for free (which I was already paying for - a savings of $32) and the rest of the movie channels free for an additional 2 months (a $46 value). There were unable to do more for me because I already had a $10 bill credit on my account which prohibited them from offering me anything better. Call back in 2 months they said.

That irked me.

Here I am saying I am going to choose a different provider and you want me to wait 2 months? This is my money DirecTV - I wanna save it NOW!

So I called up Uverse and it was installed yesterday. Thankyouverymuch.

Through a few phone calls I've already saved $900. BOOYAH. Excuse me while I go dive into my money pit.

Chris and I also setup flexible spending accounts through our employers to help with monthly medical costs - which should add up to another $300 in savings.

I feel so growns up when I actively try to save money and I also get a bit of thrill from reclaiming my money. Better in my pockets than theirs!

Are you focused on saving some dough in the new year? What is your plan of attack? Share your favorite tricks and tips in the comments, I'd love to read them!


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  1. This makes me want to call our trash service STAT as they raise their rates quarterly without sending a warning! ARG!