Sunday, May 18, 2014

The last time I posted was in February - yeesh. While I may have taken a blog vacation, ok, blog coma, that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about writing and this little space of mine. As I logged on to Bloglovin' each day to read about other's lives and happenings I was reminded about my own piece of the web where I should be sharing but I just wasn't interested in writing about my life for awhile. Chalk it up to being busy at school, arthritis draining the daylight out of me, or whatever excuse I want to insert here - I just didn't feel like it.

But now?

School's ending in 5 days and I'm not working summer school.

I'm ready to lay by the pool, read books, workout, eat better, blog more, and just be happy for 8 continuous weeks.

I think I'm ready.

Oh yeah. Definitely.


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  1. Helllooooo!!!! Good to hear you'll be back!