$30 Face Lift

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slowly but surely is the motto around here for house projects, mostly due to making sure there is enough funds to run the house and complete the project. We are getting ready to start on replacing the sidewalk from the back of the house all the way to the front to take care of some leaking issues we have in the basement, which is going to run us about $1800, which doesn't leave us a whole lot to do anything else major for the summer.

Enter the $30 cabinet facelift. An inexpensive fix to quickly update our kitchen without breaking the bank or spending a ton of time on it. Below is what our kitchen looked like before the update, we had ugly shiny gold knobs and worn out gold handles. Plus, all the cabinets were super dirty because I am pretty sure the previous owners never cleaned anything... ever. On one of the drawers it looked like soda had spilled all over and then dried. EW! And the dust...don't even get me started.

Don't be fooled, this is gold!
 After removing all the gold knobs and handles, I thoroughly wiped everything down. It always feels so good to make something really clean and especially to get rid of other people's grime. I'm ok with my own dirt but not someone else's. Then I got to work installing some lovely brushed nickel egg-shaped knobs and sleek drawer pulls.

Ta-da! For about 30 bucks and 30 minutes of work, I have clean and updated cabinets in my kitchen. It looks so good it makes me want to spend more time in there, which I did and I will be back with more about that later. I have a paper to finish for class that I have gotta get to, boo Sunday academics.

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