Back to School

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's back to school time...and in more ways than one. I just began my 3rd year of teaching AND the 1st class of my MASTER'S degree. Holy moly...I never thought I would get it started, but here I am in class 1 of 10 of Mizzou's Ed. Tech program. I am really excited but a little nervous at the same time, I am just hoping that I won't feel too overwhelmed. My hope is that I finish my degree in two years and can move over on the salary schedule the next two years. Now I just have to decide on whether or not I want to pursue my Specialist degree once I am finished. It makes the most sense considering I would make more money but it would be another 30 hours of course work...something I am too excited about right now.

Everything in my classroom is going well for right now. It has been quite an adjustment with my new class, they are their own special bunch. It is neat how each class has their own personality, last year my 6th graders were more outgoing and social, this year they are a little more quiet, not quite ready to open up. I am sure that will wear off very soon once they start feeling comfortable. I am also experiencing some new challenges this year, I have 3 students that are deaf/hard hearing and one student that is physically disabled. My classroom environment and teaching style now have to adapt to these new little guys but I feel it is always for the better. I wanted to take some pictures but I keep forgetting to...I did make some sweet new crafts using my Cricut that I have gotten some compliments on. Hopefully over the next couple of years I will develop a classroom style all of my own. Sometimes I have trouble being completely original...other people just have such great ideas!

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