The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I love August, it is by far my favorite month. I celebrate my birthday, I go back to school, it is the beginning of new beginnings. A new age, a new school year...I get that awesome fresh start feeling annually and I think it something I will always look forward to.

Plus, shopping in August is fantastic. I get birthday coupons from my favorite stores and school supplies are on sale. I am kind of bummed this year that I don't need as many school supplies...I did buy new markers (which kudos go to Crayola for now making only recycled plastic barreled markers) and I got some Post-Its (you can never have too many of those.)

Speaking of shopping it is about the only thing I want to do lately...I have been coveting a few online items lately, such as this Old Navy trench. It comes in a lot of other colors but I think I want to stick with the classic beige, only 49.50.

And the shoes at Target right now have got me swooning. I am not normally that much of a shoe person, it takes a lot for me to buy a pair but I am obsessed with this fall's mid-calf boots. The picture below isn't the exact pair I saw in the store but they are the general style. I love the color...cognac.

Because of work I am always looking for cute flats, these embellished ballet flats from Xhilaration are adorable. Maybe these will be my birthday present to myself...I say that a lot during this month. I have already bought the new Droid X as a birthday present to myself (which I love, I am so glad I switched from Sprint and went with a Droid over the iPhone. I still want an iPhone but the Droid is treating me well for now) And I just bought a pair of super cute Sperry Topsiders. And I did a little back to school clothes shopping at New York and Co....hmm, sounds like I should cool it on the shopping :)

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