Friday, May 28, 2010

Wow, school is finally over...rather anti-climatic really, it just kind of came and went. The kids were all super sweet on their last day giving me great big hugs and wishing me a happy summer. Even though school ended on Wednesday I haven't quite had a day off yet due to some professional development meetings yesterday and today, so hopefully on Monday I'll get into a mini-vacation mode and relax a little. Although I have meetings for summer school beginning on Thursday and then school starts on Monday! Hopefully deciding to teach summer school will not be a regret. I am really excited to scrapbook for four weeks and I hope they will be too.
I've really been feeling creative lately so I have been using my Cricut Expression to make a few cards for some upcoming events. Below is a card I made for our friends' wedding on June 10th. I got the idea for the card from another Cricut blogger and changed the colors to sort of match Natalie's invitations. I thought it turned out pretty good!
I used the Lyrical Letters cartridge and DS to create the letters.
I plan on making a few more tonight/this weekend because once my mom saw this card she gave me a list of 11 other cards she needed, HA! I'll post my creations soon. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
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