The CG Jones

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sometimes I just miss college. It seems with the coming of warmer weather I find myself reminiscing of days past spent in the wonderful town of Cape Girardeau where life was simpler. The only responsibilities included going to class at 10am (if you could make it), taking a nap until 3pm, and then getting to D'ladium early enough to snag the bar table and a dart board.

Facebook is my nemesis right now, logging on I am bombarded with pictures and status updates about how wonderful Bel-Air is this time of year, going to the baseball games, and general Cape Giradeau fun from the girls who are finishing up their senior year. I know my friends are jonesin' too...we have all got Cape on the brain. I know it is never the same when I go back and visit but it makes me cherish my college years all that much more.

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