Battle Studies

Sunday, March 21, 2010

John Mayer was flippin' amazing last night, it is amazing how much better his show is in an arena (I have mostly seen him play outdoors). Elyse and I had a great time dancing and singing even though I could not believe my (bad) luck. One of my students said he was going to the concert and I thought to myself, "No big deal, it is a crowd of a couple thousand, no way I will run in to you." Boy was I wrong...he sat DIRECTLY behind me with his entire family. Nothin like having to watch your language and behavior on your day off.
The setlist was fantastic, a mix of old and songs from his most recent album, "Battle Studies."
1. Heartbreak Warfare
2. Why Georgia > Message in a Bottle
3. Vultures
4. Something's Missing
5. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
6. Perfectly Lonely
7. Assassin
8. Wheel
9. Daughters
10. Crossroads
11. Waiting on the World to Change
12. Half of My Heart > Dreams
13. No Such Thing
Encore: Who Says, Gravity

Assassin, my favorite song off the new album was insane, he played on our side of stage for a majority of it and it sounded amazing. If you are looking for some new music to download, make "Assassin" a priority. Also the encore was enough to give you chills. Everyone took out their cell phones and the glow from them looked like stars in the middle of a summer night, he actually played most of Gravity with the lights out.
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All in all a pretty wonderful end to my Spring Break. We stayed out til almost 3am last night and then I slept until 3pm today so school is going to be a bit of an adjustment this week, I probably going to be super cranky because I didn't do squat, no graded projects, no new seating charts, no planning, NADA. Oh well sometimes I have to sacrifice work peace for home peace...if it really was a break then damnit I will make it a true break! Have a great week!

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